Where do the curious name and logo come from?

It all starts back in 1929 with one of our co-founders’ great grandmothers (that’s her in the photo). She inherited a small dotted porcelain lion ornament. The lion was later named Teralon by witty family members.

Get it? Teralon the dotted lion… Tear along the dotted line…

During a Christmas visit, a young Julian was given his very first toy camera. He opened it up, switched it on, and hit record. The camera just happened to be pointing at the mantle piece on which Teralon was set.

This lion was the first thing we ever (accidentally) filmed, it is our original piece of content.


Julian Wakefield,
Creative Director

Once a commissioned portrait artist, he went on to work with renowned PR and marketing companies; directing photo & video shoots, and designing and implementing social media campaigns.

He brings his wealth of industry experience and arts training to the table; directing the creation of beautiful and engaging visual content.

Julian Wakefield,

Guy Ellis,
Executive Producer

Guy has a background in documentary and sports film making. He has worked with award winning National Governing Bodies, and his work in sports has been internationally lauded.

He combines creative vision with results driven strategy to create meaningful and relevant content every time.

Guy Ellis,