The Challenge

From the initial sketch to the final finished piece, Joined and Jointed is a collective of celebrated designers and artisans working together to create a collection of original, exclusive, and accessible furniture pieces.

They came to us with a challenge: to create a series of content that would showcase several of their key designs, with a view of amplifying said content across their social media channels.

The Strategy

Why restrict ourselves to the showroom? Rather than film the pieces in an impersonal environment, we decided to place them where they belong: in a home setting. An approach that would not only make it easier for potential buyers to visualise the pieces in their own home, but would also provide us with better control over the quality of the resulting content.

The Solution

We worked with the Joined and Jointed team to develop content that encapsulates their unique offering, the contemporary design and meticulous craft of their pieces.

Knowing the visual nature of social media, we let the design speak for itself with smooth high impact hero shots that put the furniture up front and centre. A short video was created for each piece, and an overview video to highlight the diversity of the designs.

Behind the scenes

We partnered up with the team at ProAV for this project. They kindly lent us a car full of camera and lighting equipment to use on the shoot and increase production quality.

In exchange, we agreed to give our thoughts on the gear they sent and how we used it.

Here is what we said.