The Challenge

Nathan Kingsbury is a passionate interior designer who places the client at the centre of everything he does.
To coincide with the launch of his new website, Nathan called in Teralon to create high quality content that captured the premium craftsmanship that he puts into his work.

The Strategy

The approach was to capture Nathan’s designs and products in-situ after they had been installed in clients’ homes. Our creative style mirrored the refined, beautifully functional nature of Nathan’s work, showing off both character and quality. A mix of minute details and sweeping overviews was required to truly portray the quality of Nathan’s creations.

The Solution

With the intent of furnishing the new website and creating content for social media posts, Teralon produced a branding film introducing Nathan and his services, and four case study films for for specific projects. Alongside this, a photographic portfolio was created, with snaps from many more of Nathan’s pieces.


“Teralon capture my work in a dynamic way. Their stunning photographs and innovative videos have transformed our website and, in turn, our business.”