The Challenge

Bodytrak approached us intending to build an impactful online presence. They required a content bank comprising both informative explainer content for their product and compelling brand-building materials for their website and social media channels. We aimed to effectively convey Bodytrak’s key features, serving dual purposes in marketing and post-purchase engagement.

The Strategy

Employing a dynamic blend of lifestyle and studio-based content, we collaborated closely with the Bodytrak team to craft a seamlessly digestible video that succinctly highlighted the key features of their products. We strategically incorporated specific props designed to captivate and garner the attention of key players within targeted industries.

The Solution

The project yielded a range of content designed for a variety of platforms. Proudly showcased on Bodytrak’s website, this content is crafted to resonate on social media for years to come, ensuring a sustained and impactful online presence.

“We appreciate all the hard work and creativity shared throughout the process. I am extremely proud of how everything has turned out and the positive feedback we’ve received. Thank you!”

-Leon Marsh, Founder & CEO

“The images look great and will be extremely beneficial to showcase our smart safety solution. It’s been great working with such an enthusiastic and professional team!”

-Mary Jong, Global Marketing Manager



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