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Slaughter & May

The Challenge

Slaughter and May, a prestigious Magic Circle law firm, sought an updated film to showcase their Responsible Business purpose. The film was to achieve firm-level communication goals, accurately depict their initiatives, and maintain an authentic style, building on the success of Teralon’s previous campaign in 2019.

The Strategy

Teralon crafted a concept and script, spotlighting three individuals as hero characters from across Slaughter and May. Through insightful interviews with stakeholders of different seniority levels, Teralon gleaned valuable insights to authentically and meaningfully depict the depth of purpose behind the firm’s Responsible Business Initiatives.

The Solution

Filmed over 4 days, the video successfully highlights Slaughter and May’s Responsible Business Initiatives, prominently featured on the department’s website. Additionally, an accompanying behind-the-scenes film was commissioned to delve deeper into the characters and their initiatives.

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Name – position, Slaughter and May Responsible Business Team

Behind The Scenes

Get a glimpse into the making of this project. Commissioned by Slaughter and May, it serves as a complementary piece to the main production, and takes you on a journey beyond the scripted narrative, highlighting the intricacies of the characters and initiatives that shape the heart of the story.



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