Association of
British Insurers

The Challenge

Wanting to appeal to prospective employees, the Association of British Insurers turned to Teralon with a specific need for content that would effectively capture and embody their distinctive brand, culture, and employee identity. Recognising the importance of visual storytelling, they specifically identified the need for an employee branding film to convey their unique narrative.

The Strategy

Taking a comprehensive approach, a series of in-depth interviews were organised with a diverse array of employees at the ABI corporate offices. A second day of filming took place during an employee outing at Mudchute Farms in London, capturing authentic moments of teamwork outside the office environment. Additionally, we integrated sets of photos of employees at work and during social outings to further depict ABI’s vibrant workforce.

The Solution

Focusing on a compelling and genuine portrayal of the ABI, Teralon meticulously crafted a film that not only showcased ABI’s distinct brand attributes but also delved into the heart of its corporate culture. The resulting employee branding film served as a powerful tool, effectively communicating the organisation’s values and fostering a deeper connection with both internal and external audiences.

“Many thanks for all your hard work and support this year across multiple projects from corporate events to farmyards! It’s been brilliant working with you all.”

Ellie Thomson, Marketing Manager, ABI



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